Buying BTC, ETH, XRP and BCH is being mass-produced in Singapore by one of the largest banks

There’s a big announcement for BTC, ETH, XRP, and BCH. These come freshly baked from the blast furnaces of one..

The Ledger wallet company passes its SOC 2 Type 1 test

The process aimed to ensure that the company handles its customers‘ information properly. Ledger, a crypto coin company that provides..

KuCoin is gradually returning to normal

KuCoin is back! – On September 25, 2020, KuCoin was the victim of a massive attack. Hackers managed to extract..

El precio de Bitcoin de $ 12K vuelve a la mesa después de que BTC se recupera por encima de los $ 11.4K

El precio de Bitcoin subió a $ 11,491 después de que los alcistas lograron cambiar el nivel de $ 11K..

Gala-Spiele erweitern den Community Footprint

Gala-Spiele erweitern den Community Footprint mit neuen Initiativen Eine zentrale Herausforderung für die meisten Blockchain-Glücksspielfirmen ist die Tatsache, dass ihr..

Bitcoin saldi in borsa a 2 anni a basso e che può essere un segno rialzista

Il saldo di bitcoin sulle principali borse ha toccato i livelli più bassi dal novembre 2018. Eppure, a differenza di..

RVB, présentation de meilleurs contrats intelligents basés sur Bitcoin

Récemment, le protocole d’activation des contrats intelligents, RVB, a confirmé son lancement en version bêta , pour les contrats intelligents..

Mexo platform added DeFI tokens to operate

  The Mexo platform has listed several DeFi tokens for trading. This was informed from Mexico, to its users, through..

Belastingbetaling in Bitcoin en Ethereum wordt binnenkort geaccepteerd in Zug Zwitserland

Zug, een kanton in Zwitserland, zal vanaf februari 2021 als eerste kanton beginnen met het accepteren van cryptocurrency voor de..